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Photos of the El Katif's Clowns through the 1990s

Click on each image below to enlarge and use your browser's "Back" button to return here.

Potentate Tom Hodges gives last minute instructions to the clowns at the 1999 annual Shrine Circus in Spokane Washington.

Tom "Hockey Puck" Hodges shares his hockey days in the arena "Wall of Fame".

Tom joins the clowns for a day of fun at the circus.

Pockets shows off with Potentate Tom Hodges and Circus Owner Johnny Jordan.

Jimbo. Saxo.
Juggles. Copie getting ready for the 1997 Shrine Circus..
Bogey. Jingles.
Jingles with Bogey getting ready for the 1997 Shrine Circus.
El Katif Shrine Clown Unit at the 97 Shrine Circus.

Big Jumbo the Clown Award of the Year. El Katif has held this Award for 4 years!

Pockets and Juggles at the 1999 Shrine Circus.